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Bitcoin trading is not a pursuit for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it work. Not only do you need to learn about the technology, but you also need to learn about how the market was.

At least, that’s how it used to be. BitIQ has changed and revolutionized the way that people think about Bitcoin trading. Instead of spending hours slaving away over graphs, essays, and charts, all you have to do is log in and trade. The BitIQ system used a three-dimensional intuitive design to take the research out of Bitcoin Trading. That’s the BitIQ idea.

By taking all of the groundwork out of your trading routine, BitIQ opens up more time for you to focus on what matters, whether that be honing your Bitcoin trading skills, working on a side hustle, or just relaxing by yourself or with the family.


The groundbreaking technology that the BitIQ team has developed allows our trading algorithms to do the research you would otherwise have to do yourself. Not only that, but it does it in a fraction of the time.

Our development team worked day and night to bring you this algorithm, so we’re pleased to report that it is working at maximum efficiency.Traditionally, Bitcoin trading software worked on a one-dimensional basis. It looked for market values and trends and used that information to generate a trade.

This approach was amateur, at best. Bitcoin is a technology that deserves a lot more sophistication than that, so we obliged. The BitIQ trading software takes three things into consideration.

First, our system looks at those values and trends. While not enough on its own, this information is vital to determining whether or not a trade is worthwhile. The AI analyzes what direction the value of Bitcoin is moving and at what rate. This gives the system a basic overview of how Bitcoin is doing at any given time.

Next, BitIQ scans the activity of other traders. All of the information that it collects is encrypted, so all it learns is whether people are buying or selling. Thankfully, this is all the information that it needs. By seeing how other traders are treating Bitcoin, the system is able to accurately predict whether Bitcoin is headed for a value hike or drop.

Lastly, the BitIQ AI takes a look at the wider economic landscape. The algorithm is built to not only recognize numbers but to pick up on keywords, too. This type of trading software has never been tried before, so we’re proud to say that it’s been a staggering success.

The system collects information from various cryptocurrency and economic blogs online. It scans over these texts while looking for certain keywords and associations. Using this method, the system can tell whether Bitcoin is being reported on favorably or not. It then assigns a numerical value to this and factors it into the trading equation.

About Bitcoin

What about Bitcoin, though? There are still plenty of people out there that want to get involved with the industry but just don’t know how to. Luckily for these people, BitIQ has your back.

We’re going to run you through a brief crash course covering all of the Bitcoin basics that you need to know.

Starting off at the very bottom of the pyramid, what is Bitcoin? Simply put, Bitcoin is a currency. It can be used to buy things just like the dollar, euro, and pound can.

Unlike these traditional currencies, though, Bitcoin is entirely digital. This means that there’s no physical Bitcoin unit that you can carry around in your pocket. This also means that you can’t go into your local shop and buy a bottle of water with it.

Instead, Bitcoin exists almost exclusively for the digital world. While more and more physical stores are accepting Bitcoin transfers for real-life purchases every day, the number pails in comparison to the online institutes that accept it.

Why Digital
is Important

Bitcoin is digital, but why is that important? The reason that this is so impactful comes down to one word: decentralized.

When you’re discussing traditional fiat currencies like the dollar, the method of creation is more or less the same across the board.

There is some mixture of banking and government officials that decide when more money is to be made and how much of it to make.

The issue with this is that it gives a handful of people an immense amount of power over a country’s economy. If that power is put into the wrong hands, it can be disastrous beyond repair.

There are countless countries that have been ruined by this. When this type of thing does occur, it’s known as hyperinflation. It’s the result of what happens when a government’s solution to economic hardship is to simply “print more money.” The more money there is, the less each individual bit of money is worth.

Bitcoin doesn’t have that problem. There is no human interference in the Bitcoin creation process. It’s entirely controlled by an automated network, meaning the risk of hyperinflation is non-existent.

The Bitcoin
Creation Process

BitIQ is able to operate thanks to the Bitcoin creation process. Rather than having a group of people deciding everything about the production of the currency, it’s all automated. The process of new Bitcoin being distributed is called mining.

Bitcoin mining is incredibly unique when compared to other currency’s methods of being circulated into the economy. The Bitcoin network is made up of independent nodes. These nodes don’t have a central server, so the network relies on the donations of hardware from individuals to keep things up and running. In exchange for this hardware, the network rewards these individuals with new Bitcoin units.

Bitcoin FAQs

Over the years, the team here at BitIQ has heard countless questions, and not necessarily surrounding the BitIQ system. People are naturally interested in Bitcoin, so we’ve put together a short FAQ for you to have a look over.

How do I store Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is stored in any digital storage device that can house code. Things like USBs and phones can work for this purpose.

When a device is used to house Bitcoin, it becomes known as a Bitcoin wallet.

How much does BitIQ cost?

Absolutely nothing at all. BitIQ wants to offer simple and efficient Bitcoin trading to as many different people as possible. To help us achieve that goal, we’ve centered our business model around partnerships.

Thanks to that, you get to use BitIQ without any sort of fees or charges. There are no signup fees, subscription fees, deposit fees, or anything in between.

Do I need to know anything about Bitcoin to start trading with BitIQ?

The whole point of the BitIQ system is that it gives beginner traders a viable route into the industry; as such, you don’t need any sort of prior knowledge or experience to use the platform.

Of course, knowing something about the coin and the market helps, but it’s far from necessary. BitIQ contains everything you need to become a successful trader without spending hours doing research on factors that ultimately don’t play into your trading strategies.