About Us

The beginning of BitIQ

The history of us here at BitIQ is closely linked to that of Bitcoin. While the platform hasn’t been around for so long, the people involved with BitIQ have been working together since before Bitcoin’s birth in 2009.

The founding team consisted of developers, AI experts, financial advisors, and more. All of these people worked with one another in some capacity. It was only after Bitcoin started gaining some attention, though, that they decided to pool their resources.

The release of Bitcoin by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto group brought about what many of our founders recognized as a new era in trading. Not just in terms of Forex, but for the landscape as a whole.

Many of the individuals invested in it. Once the price of the coin blew up in 2017, this early diligence was rewarded.

It was at this point that all of the founders came together. They had all become ‘made’ men in some capacity thanks to Bitcoin, but their passion for the technology went beyond simple profits. They saw the potential that Bitcoin held for the individual. They also saw how high the barrier for entry seemed to grow.

As a result of Bitcoin growing in popularity so rapidly, there was a rise in “Bitcoin experts” who do nothing but effectively gatekeep the industry. Their misguided belief that Bitcoin trading was something that needed a specific set of skills to execute caused many people to avoid trading altogether. While they were right to a certain extent, that viewpoint did not represent the entire truth. It was because of stances like this that BitIQ was born.

The idea was that if a trading platform could automate all of that supposed “expert knowledge” that people needed to trade, then anyone could buy and sell Bitcoin.


Once that conclusion had been reached, the team set to work with developing the platform. Thanks to their wide and diverse histories, the foundation of the organization was there from the get-go.

The founders separated everyone involved in the project into different departments. The development team began working on the back and front end of the site, as well as the trading algorithm that has garnered BitIQ such success.

There was also a project management team that took care of HR functions, a marketing department, as well as a finance department. Working in tandem, the team made massive strides very early on into the development of BitIQ.

It didn’t take long for them to get a working prototype of the platform up and running. While there were some bugs that needed squashing and polishing to be done, the preliminary results were incredibly encouraging. With the platform functional, attention was turned to the development of the AI trading algorithm.

The BitIQ

While the platform team was advancing every single day, the algorithm team had a colossal task ahead of them, even after identifying the three-dimensional approach that they wanted to take, how to actually create that algorithm still remained a mystery.

It took a long time for them to get a prototype version of the trading system functional. Creating a full-fledged AI that not only worked with numbers, but keywords as well proved to be a monumental challenge.

Eventually, though, a basic version of the software was brought online. While it was a far cry from where they wanted the system to be, it was enough to begin integrating with the website platform.

One of our developers described it as creating a homemade search engine that also acted as a calculator. Given how small the team was, this was no easy request.


Once both technologies had been integrated, all that remained was ironing out the issues and upgrading the algorithm.

The teams were redistributed to put more manpower into the algorithm development. This proved to be a very wise decision as once there were more people involved, development skyrocketed. In a few months, the BitIQ system was finished and ready to launch. Rather than devising some elaborate marketing campaign built on overhyping and empty promises, the team decided to release BitIQ in its natural state.

They wanted a real Bitcoin trading platform that people could trust, not some piece of reused code that promised false riches.

This approach proved to be a good one, and in no time at all, the BitIQ community began to grow.

This growth didn’t stop after launch, either. Every day, more and more traders are signing up for BitIQ. The feedback that we’ve gotten from fledgling traders describing their experience with our platform has made all of the hard work more than worth it.

We’re not taking our foot off the gas now, though. We’re dedicated to our mission of making Bitcoin an accessible technology, so you can rest assured that we’re going to continue development for the foreseeable future.

We want to bring Bitcoin to the world, and that includes you. So head over to our signup page to register for your account.